Bourbon fans, rejoice! Take your homemade drink game to the next level with this simple approach to adding some seriously smokey flavor to your cocktails.

How to Smoke Cocktails at Home...No Special Equipment Required

Take your homemade drink game to the next level with this simple approach to adding some seriously smokey flavor to your cocktails.

Honey & Smoke Cocktail recipe: An easy mezcal cocktail with just four ingredients! Here's how to make your own |

Honey & Smoke Mezcal Cocktail Recipe

Meet the Honey & Smoke - a mezcal cocktail recipe with just 4 ingredients. All you need is honey, mezcal, ginger, beer, and limes!

The Smoked Cherry - a Bourbon and Brandy cocktail

The Smoked Cherry – A Bourbon & Brandy Cocktail

The Smoked Cherry Bourbon and Brandy Cocktail combines bourbon, honey brandy, lemon, vermouth blanc, sage syrup and Campari to make a delicious smoked cocktail.

9 Perfectly Smoky Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

9 Smoky Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

Cocktail magic!  We will be impressing our friends with this easy DIY. (via @manmadediy

How to: Make Your Own DIY Smoked Cocktails

Yes, Real Smoke Is Involved in Making Smoked Cocktails. Here's How to Do It Yourself.

Stingray Sushi in Phoenix serves the Oak & Smoke cocktail. This drink is a variation of the whiskey sour, mixing bourbon, lemon juice and honey with the zesty flavors of ginger liqueur and bitters. Top it with a smoking cinnamon stick for an Instagram-worthy drink.

A Smokin' Variation on the Whiskey Sour

It's called the Oak & Smoke, and it's got a few delicious twists up its sleeve.

How to Smoke Cocktails

How to Smoke Cocktails

While Scotch and mescal cocktails make for excellent winter warmers, bartenders around the country are creating a new smoky cocktail game that is (quite literally) on fire.

Smoked Hudson | The Kitchy Kitchen

Pinterest Picks – 8 Autumnal Whiskey Cocktails

Sleepy Hollow cocktail inspired by nightly rides through the dark  forest, where the Headless Horseman gallops back and forth to the scene of  battle in a quest for his head. A smoky mezcal is blended with allspice  dram to bring together fall's autumnal flavors. To finish the drink, try  lighting up a sprig of rosemary and awaken the spirits of the night.

Sleepy Hollow Cocktail

for the chilly winter nights in -- sleepy hollow cocktail with Absinthe. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Angostura Bitters, Rosemary Sprig, for garnish

Click here for more recipes to whip up for your next fall gathering! “This cocktail has a story that, you guessed it, starts with a campfire. A few years back, more

The Campfire Sour

Campfire Sour ~ rye whiskey, lemon juice, dark maple syrup rosemary sprig (in shaker while still lit), plus 1 sprig for garnish