Message and tone are pretty spot on from the content to the coloring (or lack of). Only thing I dislike about this is the look of the "Smoking kills." I really think it could look a little better rather than just a white box with plain text.

I like the placement of the bullets in the smoking container to convey the message in a very aggressive, blunt way.

I really like this above image as it looks like a modern version of Irving Penn's images due to there being lipstick stains and colour. I would like to investigate this in a possible future photo shoot as I could use the two versions of the image and create a contrast within my own photo shoot.

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Joanna Ference - Lipstick Stains Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers,.

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Nearly 6 million people die every year due to direct/indirect effect of smoking. Here is list of 20 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements will let you think the worst effect of smoking.

This is a simple PSA but it gets the message across that smoking kills

This is a simple PSA but it gets the message across that smoking kills

infographic for anti smoking, clear icon with the coffin. makes it easy to relate smoking and death.

The 100 best infographics

Infographics - Fume Leads To Death by Heng Chun Liow, via Behance imagine if it is a packaging design

This is what you're kissing when you date smoker.

When you like a really hot girl and she smokes, basically your kissing this.

The 17 Best Anti-Smoking Print Ads Ever Created

Clever and creative anti-smoking advertising which will inspire you to quit smoking. Anti-Smoking BillboardBillboard put up by Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrating damage caused by…

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- 46 grinned with the cigarette in his mouth. Kai grimaced and ripped it out of his mouth and threw it in the trash. "I never want to see that disgusting in your mouth ever again." That was last time 46 held a cigarette.