This is what you're kissing when you date smoker.

If you worry about gaining a lot of weight while you quit smoking you have good reason to feel that way. Smoking is a habit that involves both the hand and the

anti-smoking psa

Serious advertising

I really like this poster. The shadow of the hand and cigarette appears to be a hand holding a gun. It would look even better with smoke coming out of the cigarette, making it look like the gun was just fired.

Retorica, dit gaat over het begrip overtuigen. Deze advertentie heeft geen tekst nodig, de kijker ziet meteen wat hier bedoelt wordt. De illustratie gebruikt alleen beeldtaal om de kijker te overtuigen van het standpunt van de maker.

110 Stunning Examples of Conceptual Photography

This picture is depicting that cigarettes kill. Gun symbolizes the killing Cigarettes are the bullets with the gun. Moral is don't smoke it kills.