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They eat snails in a couple parts of the book, I didn't know it was considered a gourmet food.

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SNAIL WOMEN One might think that snails are insignificant creatures, but snails have a prominent place in my life and the lives of my gr.

snail = can be found in a very wide range of environments, including ditches, deserts, and the abyssal depths of the sea

A snail can crawl across a razor widout getting cut as they excrete a slime substance which shields them

I think I can snail

Mistakes happen but making the choice to continue to stand behind those mistakes despite the overwhelming evidence is idiotic.

Nature appreciating nature

Amazing Close Up Photos of Snails

A snail can sleep for 3 years straight! "Life of Snail", by talented Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko (Macro)

Macro photography...  wow, a snail having a drink !! Brilliant photography!!

Wonderful reflection photo of a little snail drinking water from a mossy rock. I love seeing photos of the often overlooked smaller animals

They’re called Painted Snails or Cuban Land Snails (Polymita picta) and so they are appropriately found in Cuba. All of these stunning photos were taken by Flickr user Adrián González Guillén.

Cuban Land Snails Polymita picta Polymita picta, common name the Cuban land snail or the painted snail, is a species of large, air-breathing land snail. Shells of Polymita picta can reach a length of.