Snek meme

Hello and welcome to another rousing edition of Confusing Memes That Are Still Hilarious AF. For today’s dose of humor, we present to you Snek, a smol reptile who may seem tough, but is really only here to have a good time.

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19 Hilarious Snek Memes That are the Funniest Things You've EVER Seen

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I wish they would just spell 'snake' correctly. What is a snek?

It's probably a garter snake(spelling) which are non venomous

Kawaii snake

It's probably a garter snake(spelling) which are non venomous<<--- it's smol fren snek

This is adorable :)

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

This doesn't even make sense but I laughed so I'm saving it. That's how Pinterest works, right?

"Mess with gecko You get a pecko." But this is actually a bearded dragon, technically.

Do me a concern, I dare you.

Snek and doggo need be friend. No brouhaha, just much friend.

Snake doge is the treat I needed today.

yes you are very boopable tiny snek i will boop you if you wish. I want snek.