Snoopy's Christmas  Christmas Bells, those Christmas Bells ringing through the land bringing peace to all the world and goodwill to man. . . .

The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen "Christmas Bells".The Royal Guardsmen were 5 guys from Ocala, Florida. They recorded a quartet of songs inspired by Snoopy the Beagle in the "Peanuts" comic strip between 1967 and

"Christmastime is Here," from Charlie Brown Christmas.

Charlie Brown, in the first Peanuts' special, thinks Christmas is too commercialized but decides to direct the school play where he learns about the true meaning of Christmas.

There are countless songs attributed to Christmas and the Holiday Season, both traditional and contemporary, that have become “standards” and/or “classics” over the years. T…

Christmas Novelty Songs: A Large Collection

Some Thoughts on Christmas Music | Jonathon D. Svendsen

Some Thoughts on Christmas Music

Charlie Brown Christmas by Mailbox Happiness-Angee at Postcrossing, via Flickr

Christmas time is here. It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. :-) So 2012 I wanted a tall skinny tree. Got home and hubby asks: "Did you know you bought Charlie Brown christmas tree?