Practice with Photoshop or Sketch - Inquisitor by whizumu

Crona, ''The Dollmaker'' She creates bodies inhabited by spirits or souls. Milly is one of her Dolls and so is Ritto

ArtStation - Winter fey lord, Geraud Soulie

m Drow Elf Ranger Coat Sword mountains snow forest underdark hills jungle coastal midlvl ArtStation - Winter fey lord, Geraud Soulie

Artic by Melanie Maier

character concept cloth fur northern female archer bow arrow snow tribal Artic by Melanie Maier

moon elf - Pesquisa Google

m Drow Elf portrait

Skyrim. Snow elf by Korkuguvin

Ancient elves had pale skin and hair, long thin faces, high cheekbones and large… A High Priest of Tor'a