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Having a room like this in the house would be so awesome. Whenever someone wants to escape reality, cool down, or if I want to cozy up with my love, even have a family moment, this would be the go to place.

16 Winter-Proof Bunkers You Wish You Had

I love watching snow falling; it is a silent and majestic display of gentleness / Source: fgmotion

Cognac and Coffee

let it snow .let it snow. let it snow !this year snow for christmas it was sweater weather and a neck scarf ,,, that's it .yippee i loved it .OOOOOOO :o )

animated christmas and winter snow | Winter landscapes and scenic wintery moving snow animations

Winter landscapes and scenic wintery moving snow animations, Animated Christmas and Winter Snow

Winter winds.


One thing he loves about Havenbrook is the Winter. It is never unbearably cold. And when it snows, the snow sparkles like glitter falling from the sky. At all lands on the ground everywhere like fine powder.

Snow Storm Cinemagraph GIFs

Thirty Gorgeous Landscape And Nature Cinemagraphs

Snowflakes On The River~c.c.c~ Love The Blue Light Against The Stark White Of The Snow~ Such A Beautiful Picture.

Capture the Colour

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Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

There is nothing more peaceful than the still solitude in the heart of a blizzard. The sky will go from clear, cold blackness where a million stars shine sharp and bright, to a muffled, glowing gray that refracts all light back at you, turning midnight to dusk again with the heavy promise of snow.

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