His groundbreaking 1931 book, "Snow Crystals," recorded for posterity the beauty, fragility and lacy designs of 2,500 snowflakes.

Snowflake Bentley: first ever pictures of snow crystals by Wilson A Bentley go on sale

Snowflakes, natural wonder ~ Photograph of a snowflake by Wilson Alwyn Bentley (ca. Bentley is a great winter book :)

How to Take a Picture of a Single, Ultra-Magnified Snow Flake You—yes, you!—can help prove that no two flurries are alike. All you need is a good camera, a plastic bag, and some tape.

How to Take a Picture of a Single, Ultra-Magnified Snow Flake

January Wreath ... think mine will be in an oval frame, really like this idea!  from: http://coveredinmodpodge.blogspot.com/2012/01/january-wreath-or-whats-frame-doing-on.html

Covered in Mod Podge: January Wreath {or what's a frame doing on your door?} (I like the idea of an oval frame.

How To Make A 3-D Snowflake,,in the hall and rr and hanging around the picture stage

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

How to make a paper star snowflake decoration? It can be made from tiny sized tree ornaments to. The post The Perfect DIY paper star Snowflakes appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

Closeups of snowflakes. Thank you Wilson Bently, for not giving up.


Wonderful pictures of magnified Snowflakes… Snowflakes can tell us a great deal about the structural organisation of water at an atomic level. Their fractal nature appears to fit the rules of plasma.

This image makes my soul happy. I think I can weather a snow storm now  (Alexy Kijatov photo of snowflake)

Unbelievable Close-Up Photos Of Snowflakes Reveal A Side Of Winter You've Never Seen

A natural lesson in fractals | A1 Pictures  Fractal Digital Art Fractals Abstract See my Digital Art Board for similar art and what some would term as fractal art, though it doesn't meet the criteria of being a true fractal, repeating the image on different scales.

Snowflakes are gorgeous. Only wish I could see them up close like this when they fall. "Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has created an ingenious and inexpensive DIY camera rig capable of capturing excellent close-up pictures of snowflakes.

Dollar Store Snowflake Ornaments Against Vintage Paper In Photo Frames.

Art Put Dollar store snowflake ornaments against vintage paper in photo frames~ great vintage style holiday decoration- for-the-home

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No two snowflakes are different…

"Snowflakes are made of ice, yet ice alone does not a snowflake make." Kenneth Libbrecht, The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty Photo: W.