great list of 2 year old development and preschool ideas!

Free eBook about sensory tables for PreK kids. Lists the benefits of sensory play/learning. Includes ideas for protecting the floor and a huge, categorized list of items to put in it and tools for kids to use for discovering the items.

Tons of Fun: Tot School - melting snowman fingerplay

C is 32 months This week we did some mitten activities (and some winter and snowmen) Mitten match made from scrapbook paper Later in th.

Classroom Freebies Too

Chubby little snowman poem freebie - mini pocket chart word strips and pictures, writing activity winter song- the kiddos love this one

Itty Bitty Rhyme: Snowflake, Snowflake

Itty Bitty Rhyme: Snowflake, Snowflake ~ this can be made/sang/recited as a jump rope song with actions.