Snug Studio snagged me with the perfect bit of bait: a beautiful wooden bird mobile. We unknowingly started a little bird-love avalanche around our house the moment we chose to name our daughter after a bird! And this beaute would be awesome in her room.

keepin it snug: snug studio

I'm putting this under "Kids' Room" because I just might use the baby as an excuse to purchase this (babies love mobiles, no?), even though I would absolutely not put it in the kids' room. My room, maybe.

Take an ordinary material like cardboard and an old bottle or glass and what you have is a really cool geometric vase from the Germany-based The snug.vase is made from a piece of colored cardboard that you fold up and slip over a glass of water or bottle. Instant faceted vase!

Turn Old Bottles into Vases with's snug.vase

These jewel-like vases from German design duo are assembled from flat sheets of cardboard. The Snug Vases come as a flat-pack, ready to be folded into shape and placed over a glass or bottle of water. The vases come Read

The best Advent Calendar I've ever seen.

Make an Woodland Advent calendar with the kids or hang brown paper packages with treats inside. Check it out in these 25 DIY Advent Calendars.

Do you have to have a kid to hang a mobile in your house?

SNUG Studio Songbird Mobile --- Snug Songbird mobile in wood. who knows the birds

snug.magnets +++ set of 12 coloured magnets each 85x50mm.  create your own pattern everyday


snug magnets by snug studio- lots of magnet strips at our store!

Das Ende von SNUG.STUDIO. Aber warum?

Das Ende von SNUG STUDIO. Aber warum? - Interior Blog Newniq

Das Ende von SNUG.STUDIO. Aber warum?

Turn Old Bottles into Vases with the snug.vase by Photo

Turn Old Bottles into Vases with's snug.vase

vase SNUG.VASE high / copper from SNUG.STUDIO by

Geometrical Cardboard Vase SNUG.VASE high / copper

VASE high / copper - A vase made of cardboard! The vase SNUG. Combined with a water-filled standard glass bottle you can use it as a h.

bird mobile perfect for spring...or anytime of year!

SONGBIRDS - mobile Who knows these birds?SONGBIRDS mobile depicts singing birds whose shapes and colours were reduced to the minimum. The mobile suits every nursery and .

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Snug Set Of 12 Geometric Magnets - Womens Novelty at Birdsnest Online