Easy Homemade Socca

Easy Homemade Socca Recipe is a tasty and delicious flatbread! Half recipe to make in preheated, oiled cast iron skillet for pizza.

How to Make Socca

Socca - gluten free flat bread, Only 4 ingredients; chickpea flour, water, olive oil and salt. hoping to make this and order indian food next week.

Socca (Farinata)

This is essentially a large chickpea pancake from Provence (and neighboring Liguria, where it’s called farinata) It’s traditionally cooked in wood ovens on copper disks, roughly cut and served hot or warm (In the main market in Nice, it’s b

Socca - Garbanzo or Chickpea Flatbread Pancake from France

Kalyns Kitchen®: Socca Recipe - Garbanzo or Chickpea Flatbread Pancake from France (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

This socca recipe produces a wonderful chickpea flatbread that happens to be vegan and gluten free. Great for eating on its own or dipping…

Socca Pizza (Vegan + GF)

Socca Pizza (Vegan + Grain-free) health tips, healthy food, health and fitness, busy mom, healthy mom

Authentic Italian Chickpea Flat Bread - cups chick-pea flour* (also called gram or garbanzo flour) cups fresh cold water tsp) salt & black pepper, or to taste cup extra virgin olive oil

Socca - Garbanzo or Chickpea Flatbread Pancake from France

Recipe for Socca (Garbanzo or Chickpea Flatbread Pancake from France) 1 cup chickpea flour 1 cup plus 2 T water tsp. ground cumin (David used tsp.) 1 T olive oil (plus more for brushing griddle and drizzling over finished Socca)

Mini Rosemary Socca Rounds

Gluten Free Vegan Mini Rosemary Socca Rounds - healthy snack option or use in place of a crostini at your next party

Socca recipe. A bread like recipe made from garbanzo bean flour. The easiest recipe ever. A gluten-free flatbread that requires no eggs or yeast. Only 3 ingredients too. Click to get your recipe for socca.