2017 manifesto archival print

2017 manifesto archival print

This is a good point, actually. We REALLY need more women onscreen to be normal. Not just overweight, but still strikingly beautiful -- just normal.

The ugly, unfair truth about looking beautiful. This is why I get infuriated whenever men talk about how they’re held to unrealistic beauty standards too, because it really doesn’t even compare. Men who aren’t attractive simply aren’t attractive and maybe

$5,000 scholarship, to support undergraduate and graduate students who are innovatively confronting tobacco use. This scholarship will be awarded based on creative community service that reflects four major tobacco-control related issues: smoke-free environments, social justice, etc.

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The truth is that women have made so many contributions to history and science despite men denying them access, but that men have either taken credit for them because theyre dickheads

Male privilege, explained by a man. Let's see if the asker suddenly understands it now.>> *Hamilton voice* here's an itemised list of 30 years disagreements *Burr voice* sweet Jesus

Male privilege, explained by a man. Let's see if the asker suddenly understands it now. AnonPink: And here we have the p e r f e c t example of a male feminist.

This is what white feminism looks like>>> hello? I'm white, the palest thing you'd ever set eyes on but I still believe in feminism, and not what they listed, don't generalise or stereotype

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You This is what white feminism looks like

Cariol Horne claims that she was fired from the Buffalo Police Department after 19 years for trying to stop an assault on a black suspect Horne says that Officer Gregory Kwiatkowsi 'choked and punched Neal Mack in the face while he was handcuffed' What's more, Horne claims that Kwiatkowski then punched her in the face when she attempted to stop the assault Horne, a mother of five, now works as a truck driver Kwiatkowski was recently indicted on federal civil rights violations after an…

Cop fired after trying to stop officer from punching black suspect

This is what happens when the good cops report the bad cops.

During their year-long tenure, Villers Fellows will work on a variety of health care justice issues and develop an understanding of the federal legislation and regulatory process. They will also be exposed to different advocacy strategies, including producing analytic reports, disseminating effective messages through the media, successful coalition building, and e-advocacy techniques.

Helps fellows develop an understanding of the tactics and strategies used in state-based consumer health advocacy organizations and will work directly with state consumer health advocates and organizations.