Women see this as "We should do something about that." Men have been nagatively socialized to see this as "See, women can't run companies. Leave it to the men."

How thick is that glass ceiling? Astonishing stats published last week have revealed that there are more CEO's named John running big companies in.

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I also surround myself with men that wouldn't dream of sending me there anyway. They thrive off of my ideas, inspiration, energy, and watching my success. ✨ and vice versa

Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Profile of Labour's most left-wing leadership hopeful

Controversy: Police haul Mr Corbyn away as he supports a 1984 anti-apartheid protest

"On one level, as so much twitter outrage has pointed out, these spikes symbolise the transformation of the homeless into a form of vermin. But their artistic resonance goes further than that. These spikes beautifully encapsulate the essential concerns of a society that has abandoned any pretence of social justice, fairness and equality, even to the point of refusing to ensure what ought to be the essential component of any civilised society - a home for all its citizens."

Why the 'Homeless Spikes' Deserve the Turner Prize

Concrete spikes under a road bridge in Guangzhou city, Guangdong, China.

its cool to be kind // pinterest @charlieintheuniverse•*¨*•.¸¸.

shoutout to the muslim community and other communities which face racism. stay strong and make sure no matter what, you can get through everything and anything.

Beneatha would agree with everything this young woman says.

Protest sign: Gay power, black power, women power, student power, all power to the people.

""Feminazi" Because wanting your gender to be treated like human beings is just like invading Poland." #feminism #equality

radicallane: “ “‘Feminazi’: Because wanting your gender to be treated like human beings is just like invading Poland.” I have been called a “feminazi” before (I think pretty much every feminist/person.

via Op WakeUp and I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists.

Quote The rich and powerful piss on us and the media tells us it's raining

Cariol Horne claims that she was fired from the Buffalo Police Department after 19 years for trying to stop an assault on a black suspect Horne says that Officer Gregory Kwiatkowsi 'choked and punched Neal Mack in the face while he was handcuffed' What's more, Horne claims that Kwiatkowski then punched her in the face when she attempted to stop the assault Horne, a mother of five, now works as a truck driver Kwiatkowski was recently indicted on federal civil rights violations after an…

Cop fired after trying to stop officer from punching black suspect

This is what happens when the good cops report the bad cops.

These are elements of feminism - yours may include many or most of these, just not the last one. The last one is bad.

Feminism explained with Pokemon

Learning Feminism Through Pokemon haha. I relate most to liberal,trans, womanism and eco feminism - equality for all!

Clay Jones by Clay Jones for Aug 1, 2017 | Read Comic Strips at GoComics.com

Clay Jones by Clay Jones for Aug 1, 2017 | Read Comic Strips at GoComics.com

This is why the Syrian refugees cannot simply "go back to where they came from."

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is a Result of the USA's Foreign Policy. The devastation seen in this image was caused by America under W. Conservatives are screaming because Obama says he'll take in refugees. Meanwhile, Germany will take refugees.

If we can fund wars, the death penalty, etc. Then we can fund humanitarian missions, the Peace Corps, and help feed the poor in our own country!

In the writers’ room... with Tony Benn

One of the great politicians of the century. Put aside ideology and the simplistic nature of left/right politics, Tony Benn spoke with sense and gravitas about many an issue.