This is SO true.  I think some of the survivors would use any available wi-fi signal to upload their pics to FaceBook rather than get help...

But first, let me snapchat this!

That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There

Today's Unicorns Are Pressured by Such Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Keeping up with Social Media can be difficult for a blogger. Here's how I save time by using Pinterest and StumbleUpon together to increase my pageviews. Click through to find out the big 'secret'.

How I Use Pinterest and StumbleUpon Together to Increase My Pageviews

I had never heard of StumbleUpon before, and it really has opened up my experience with searching, and finding hilarious memes that can be incorporated on other sites.

50 Ideas of what to post on social media. Download the free printable - the ultimate cheat sheet of what to post on social media!

50 Social Media Content Ideas - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Anti-Social Media :: 55: Boyfriend?!?!? | Tapastic Comics - image 1

okay maybe he's not my boyfriend yet but he will be soon. i've been playing mystic messenger recently.