This school year, I’ll be running a social skills group at my work! I wanted a basic outline of topics to hopefully target each week. I decided that most of the time, things are too difficult…

Manners Match It Up Worksheet-Freebie!

This is supposed to be for a Girl Scout Troop : Girl Scout Worksheets, Web Sites and Links.but I like for all kids to practice manners in general.

I am asked to write social and behavior lessons for many students in my school. Some of these are on my caseload, some are not. I have noticed that the teacher, counselor, and special educat…

Can you teach children to do this through role play? How Are My Social Skills Checklist? A self-rating checklist that helps children understand their social skill needs. Use this checklist to help develop goals to support social skills development.

Kind or Unkind Mini Stories to Sort - This freebie includes 6 mini-stories that will get students thinking and talking about what kind and unkind behaviors look like.

This social skills kit for children with ASD's has 40 problem scenarios, play money, and a PowerPoint option when you are working with larger groups or classes. This could be used to teach children with ASD social skills in a fun way.

Fidget Spinner Social Skills Games

These fidget spinner social skills games are great for children to practice social skills. These counseling activities can be used by parents, teachers and counselors. They are a nice addition to any social skills lessons.

Social Skills Interactive Student Notebook

Social Skills Interactive Notebook - tool to help children learn positive behaviors - children will learn about positive self talk, I-messages, and more.

Social Skill Breaks Pack, GIVEAWAY & FREEBIE Finds

Social Skills Interactive Student Notebook

This student interactive notebook is a great way to teach children positive classroom behavior. This notebook teaching social skills has made a positive impact with classroom management.

50 Must-Have Picture Books to Teach Social Emotional Skills