Girl in Red - Sock doll by ~httpecho on deviantART

"Girl in Red - Sock doll by httpecho on DeviantArt" Figure this one out

Gee's Projects: Sock Babies - so cute & simple, with clear tutorial!

Sock Doll Babies Tutorial and How To -find more like this @ Plushie Patterns-OMG my grandma made tons of these for me as a kid- they are awesome!

Tuto peluche éléphant - déco chambre d'enfant - Ella, the sock elephant, free pattern & tutorial

Sock Elephant - Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Smie, the sock sloth. Free pattern

Sock Sloth Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew cute & sluggish looking sock sloth, Smie. It is long sewn from chenille socks, with 3 claws on each limb, big groggy eyes & a sweet smile.

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Look how soft and cuddly this is. I wish there was English instructions.

Free pattern, Beaver sewed from socks

Sock Beaver Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew cute sock beaver, Bob, with hoodie sweater, hood can be taken down. Bob is tall sewn from chenille sock set.

Sock Doll Tutorial - this is great but I think the lack of 'proper' arms may frustrate...will have to have a think......

Sock Doll Tutorial -I actually done this, its soo cute, like a little sock baby:)

Little Sock Doll Sewing tutorial As a follow on to our No sew Sock Penguin we have this cute as a button Sock Doll. She is also completely made from socks. Our Sock Doll does require some hand sewing, making it is a great project to move on to after our Penguin.

Little Sock Doll Sewing tutorial

Make your own cute doll from up cycled socks. The perfect project to recycle those odd socks from your bottom drawer.

how to make a baby doll out of a sock - Google Search

recycling socks: sewing doll tutorial - crafts ideas - crafts for kids