Or when u hit it to the second base men and it out at first

I felt this the other day but then next time I was up to bat I hit the ball pretty well

12 too true soccer memes ~ GLOBAL FÚTBOL TRAINING

12 too true soccer memes ~ This just proves girls are stronger that boys💪🏻💁🏽

This totally indica haha she was gonna hit that umpire with a bus I think we all were

I did this today I had hit it to left and they through it home. I slid and the ump called me outEVERYONE said is was safe.

To everyone out there if u think its easy come play a season and find out why we all walk like freaks the next day!

Softball is not easy. I want to see them try and strike three batters out in a row at the beginning of an inning. I want to see them pitch at all, or hit a change-up, or catch a line drive. ya, NOT EASY! Okay, rant over.