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It may have been invented after baseball, but that only proves that they wanted girls to have the more challenging game that was changed to a harder level.

SoftballWhen someone says you can't do it, turn around and say, watcn me.

i choose this picture/quote because i play softball and i feel like someone is always saying that i cant do it and i like to prove them wrong.

LIES I TELL YOU LIES! People need to stop shamming cheerleaders! When I say cheerleading I don't mean rah rah cheer I mean competitive cheer. Also if you don't like this then you don't have to pin it or comment this is MY opinion.

People need to stop shamming cheerleaders! Watch ANY All Star Worlds team! Y'all softball players can't do CRAP compared to us.

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"To some people the limp gloves, the smelly shoes and the sturdy bat is just a game. But to me it's a way of life". ~ Softball Quote Softball is my life I've been playing finance I was 7 and now im So this sport is my life~

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softball quotes - Google Search

Look like a beauty:) Play like a beast:) YUP, BASICALLY SUMS IT UP! This is awesome considering this is me! I played for grass lake high school!

Softball Player Sayings 8x10 Poster Print. "When life throws you a curve ball, just drive it!” is one of the funny softball quotes on this poster.

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