Solar System / Sacred Geometry <3

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Solar system art with pastels on black paper.

Solar System Activity Ideas: Our Solar System.Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips Deborah Gangi-Hall grade.McKinley School Pasadena, CA

Personalized Constellation and Solar System Print, Solar System Decal, Constellation Art, Kids Gift, Planets Print

Personalized Solar System Print, Constellation Nursery, Solar System Art - Wall Decal or Wrapped Canvas - Constellation Decal

Solar system for Millie  #tattoodesign #dotwork #stippling                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Solar system tattoo design by Olivia Fayne - I like this except I want the sun with moon phases, no planets

A watch that puts the solar system on your wrist

A watch that puts the solar system on your wrist

solar system for print by on @DeviantArt

nasahistory: Kind of an artistic impression, but I love it, especially the little UFO for the great beyond.

Art & Science Club {for kids}: Solar System...this is so cool and delicious!

Oreo Phases of the Moon Derrington (I love this idea! A teacher across the hall from me used this idea and I thought it was the cutest idea! What better way to learn about the phases of the moon than with Oreos!