Farofa à Brasileira


Farofa (basically cassava flour and you dice some onions, you can add eggs, bacon sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and vinegar and it's sooo good) Popular dish in Africa, Latin America and West Indies.

Ohio: Rubino's Pizza - Fifty states. Fifty pizzerias. And one article to list them all.

The Best Pizzeria in Every State in America

From St. Paul to Portland, ME, and Chicago to NYC, these are the 33 best pizza joints in America.

The 60-Mile Plate: Local Kampachi Tiradito at Alan Wong's Amasia in Maui: #food; #hautecuisine; #foodart

The 60-Mile Plate: Local _Kampachi Tiradito_ at Alan Wong's Amasia on Maui

Proof that Hawaiian terroir bears more than pineapples: almost every ingredient at chef Alan Wong’s new restaurant, Amasia, on Maui, comes from one of 11 area farms. Here’s how far each part of the seviche-style kampachi tiradito traveled.

Super Bowl Recipes: BLT Wraps | Recipe Girl

Super Bowl Recipes: BLT Wraps

BLT wrap-This was a good low-carb alternative to a classic favorite. It also had a little twist with added sun dried tomatoes to the mayo I still put real tomatoes in it.

Best Pizza in Unexpected Places | Yountville, CA: Redd Wood | Food & Wine | May, 2017

Best Pizza in Unexpected Places

Food Photography Styling & Props: How to find your style

Styling and Props: How to find your style

Flash Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners 7 Tips for photographing kids Food Photography Styling & Props: How to find your style Cute Ph.


13 salsas caseras saludables

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moqueca de peixe - Veja como fazer em: http://cybercook.com.br/receita-de-moqueca-de-peixe-r-6-104807.html?pinterest-rec

Moqueca de peixe

"Na cozinha com o Chef Phillipe Barros": "Moqueca de Peixe"