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Luckily the thought of jail time scares me so I will have have to settle with imagining kicking your ass. But make no mistake, if I had no life like you, your ass would be in an ICU

See- what did I tell you about those nurses? 250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards

God, this is so true...

However, if you become too fixated on your little one's diet, you are your child may

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Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: This two-hour meeting was almost as productive as a single, well-written email.

Don't you just love whiny little bitches who start drama, talk shit about people behind their backs, and then make themselves the victim? | Cry For Help Ecard

This is so true! Silence does not bring on relaxation anymore. Silence brings anxiety and the thought, "brace yourself!

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18 E-Cards To Break Up Your Afternoon Stretch

The mid-day stretch. Might be the worst part of the day. These e-cards will help wake up your brain cells with laughter. Now get back to work More from my siteDelegating Business to Increase Your Success