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This rhyme helps develop concepts of print and helps children learn numbers. This could be hung up in the classroom, or the teacher could use this as a singing activity. This could also correlate to music curriculum.

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Now I really want to watch Gilmore Girls, oh what am I saying I always want to watch it. I'm never not in the mood for Gilmore Girls!

Color Poems

Learn how to spell the colors with these jazzy little jingles (from the Color Songs CD by Frog Street Press). My son's PreK teacher uses these! Kids learn how to spell their color words very easily when they learn it in a song.

Alphabet Songs for Kids - PreKinders

Alphabet Songs for Kids

Engage your children physically and academically as they learn their letter sounds with our exercise to the letter sound song, Letter Sounds Workout.

Blends Song | Letter Blends | Consonant Blends | Two Letters that Work T...

Practice blending words together with this onset and rime blending song. Jack says the beginning sound first, the ending sound next and then blends the sound.

Baby Shower Playlist--- haha never thought of this! Definitely doing the baby songs lol

Summer Inspired Outdoor Baby Shower Decoration Ideas