Songs from mary poppins

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, with Dick Van Dyke in Disney's Mary Poppins - Celebrating its Golden Anniversary this year on 29 August 2014

Dick Van Dyke's new bride Arlene Silver shuns tradition with dress from high street

This Makes Me... Well, I'm not sure... But I'm thinking that *maybe* I should have paid more attention in math class...

This Makes Me Uncomfortable

The poem from Saving Mr. Banks - prefer it said in the dulcet cockney tones of Burt.. Aka Dick van Dyke

The poem from Saving Mr. Banks <--It's part of the "Mary Poppins" music soundtrack sung by Bert at the beginning of the movie, you uncultured swine!

Christmas Snow Globes: A Whimsical History of An Old-Fashioned Christmas…

Christmas Snow Globes: A Whimsical History of An Old-Fashioned Christmas Decoration

The ultimate Disney Geek/Mary Poppins/Snow globe lovin treasure in history. Mary Poppins St Pauls Cathedral Snowglobe on Collectors Quest

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious | Sheet Music Direct

My mother has the most beautiful soprano voice and this was my favorite song for her to sing when I was really little. I don't even have to close my eyes to hear her voice as clearly as if she was actually singing right now.

"Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins

Another good song from Mary Poppins, and also featured in the film Saving Mr Banks. It& a pity we never found out what she (P.Travers) publicly thought .