Sonic Adventure 2... 16 year old me thought this was just so sad. HAHAHA!

This picture reminds me of when of when shadow died in sonic X and sonic adventure I cried my heart out.

The Sega Dreamcast launched in 2001 with Sonic Adventure, but sadly that game's sequel would prove to close out the console's extremely short lifespan.  Thus, Sonic Adventure 2 became the last game in its Sega's flagship series to be released before the company ceased making consoles, although I suppose it probably found more success when it was ported to the GameCube a year later.

Sonic Adventure 2 - This game is not without it's faults (wonky camera, crappy platforming) but it's still a great Sonic game.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle  I played this all the time as a child. I still love it to this day!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)

Title: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Nintendo GameCube, UPC: 010086610079 Condition: Pre-owned. Included: Game Disc, Game Ca

ok this is sonic adventure 2! I love love sonic adventure

ok this is sonic adventure 2! I love love sonic adventure


Sonic Adventure<<I envy people that can draw so professionally and then derp them in any way possible << It was so beautiful though XD

Shadow Adventure | Sonic Adventure 2 HD PS3 Trophy List Revealed, Including Battle DLC ...

My alltime favorite Sonic game: Sonic Adventure Battle 2

Fall colony ARK by on @DeviantArt

good-sonic-shit: “ Fall colony ARK by BloomTH plus her Pixiv Fan art can be pretty amazing sometimes, don’t you agree?