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vintage everyday: Cliassic Beauty Icon of Italy – 36 Stunning Color Photos of Sophia Loren in the and

Famous Italians ~ #famousItalians #Italians #celebrities ~ Sophia Loren photographed by Angelo Frontoni.

Sophia Loren - come-hither eyes, bee-stung lips, cheekbones so sharp they could give you a paper-cut, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair.

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Sofia Loren - an original beauty icon. Love her use of black liquid eyeliner here.

Sophia Loren  I can't figure out if her eyes naturally turn up that much at the outside corners, or if its some fabulous trompe l'oeil make-up technique! I hope its the latter!

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Sophia Loren by Chiara Samugheo - perfect nude lip with heavy eye liner, very little eye shadow

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Actors' Real Names: Which Hollywood Celeb Started Out As 'Volodymyr Palahniukv'? Cat Eye Liner; Sophia Loren Inspired Tutorial.

Hey lovelies, We are pretty much all eyeliner obsessed here I think it's safe to say, and thanks to icons like the beautiful Sofia Loren .

Sophia Loren, Inspiration board by, bringing scent and music…

Sophia Loren still looks great at and now a prominent plastic surgeon has weighed in on how the star may have battled aging — with a bit of help. Sophia Loren has been in the limelight for .