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Soul Eater- one of the best manga/anime ever. Personally, though, I like the anime best. Sub not dub. Soul eater was the first anime that got me into this is still my favorite, and always will

I need to learn how to properly do a Maka chop cause I've tried and failed

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater. Clip from episode 8 of the Soul Eater anime English dub. Black Star decides to visit his injured friend while Maka is in .

I know three of these peeps... All good anime: Natsu from Fairy Tail, Nagasumi from My Bride is a Mermaid, and Karou (one of the twins from Ouran high school host club). The thing about Todd Haberkorn is that you can tell it's his voice, but it varies so much it just works. He's also a huge nerd so that's a plus~

Todd Haberkorn ~~ favorite voice actor EVER ! *spots Natsu, One of the Hitaichin twins, Italy, and Death the Kid* I want to marry this man.

Death the kid's voice in the dub is tod habercorn, or Natsu dragneel

Soul eater – Death the Kid

It makes it even better that they have the same English voice actor!! <-- WOW I didn't know that.<<----WHAT?!?! YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT!?! THAT'S AWESOME! :D

Soul Eater/Ouran High School Host Club- They both have the same english voice actor

Death the Kid by on @deviantART

Death the Kid is so freaking cute that I really can't say I'm surprized Soul Eater Funny Death the Kid joined the Host Club

Anime fact ~VARIOUS~

Wait, you mean to tell me that Rin from that gay swimming anime shares the same voice actor with that nutcase with a notebook? Creeeeeepy <<<Wait wait wait- Rin and Tamaki share a VA?

Soul Eater NOT! - Anya and Tsugumi vs Liz and Patty (English Dub) - YouTube

Soul Eater NOT! - Anya and Tsugumi vs Liz and Patty (English Dub)