These are adorable, but Kid isn't holding his guns the right way XD

Chibis are so cute also my friend made it for me so a big thanks to herr. I do not own Soul Eater Chibi Soul Eater

Kilik, Ox, and Kim - Soul Eater

Kilik, Ox, and Kim - Soul Eater- These characters are TOO underrated! Kim needs to be more involved, she is a witch after all. I wanna know more about that and I wanna see if Ox and her get together

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans by on @deviantART

arms_behind_back blonde_hair coat dated maka_albarn necktie penator plaid plaid_skirt scythe signature simple_background skirt solo_focus soul_eater soul_eater_(character) twintails white_b…

YES One Sentence Descriptions of animes

Most anime summed up in one sentence. xD<< OMG boku no pico XD omg that's hilarious!