Sound Waves - Graphics - YouWorkForThem - created via Places Beautiful)

Sound waves with a mix of lught waves .the sound waves makes the light waves dance swirl and forms ancient symbols

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana, source: bodhimandala

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana, source: bodhimandala WANT THIS AS A TAT

Music made visible, by Matt Booth. He uses song data to create visual representations of the music. I love the ideas of reinterpreting sounds as visual art, and of using data to determine color and composition.

Project diary: music made visible - Matt H. Booth uses code to visualize music from Elton John's Bennie & The Jets resulting in some beautiful illustrations.

Sound Wave Tattoo by Fatih Odabas

40+ Beautifully Designed Tattoos for Women

Composition of harmonic Curves 52 Composition Of Harmonic Curves. Hand drawn version of what is today commonplace computer generated.

muzyka i design Composition of harmonic Curves Go to the original site and see video on Chandli plates. Patterns are interesting as drawings or repeats.

Album poster, 'Blackstar', 2015. Bowie's last album. He will live on forever - a genius, legend and hero

Bowie, Barnbrook and the Blackstar artwork

Album poster for David Bowie’s new album ★, pronounced Blackstar.

Dallon Weekes, Brendon Urie, Kenny Harris; Panic! At The Disco

Hello were Panic! At the disco our real names are Dallon Weekes, Brendon Urie, Kenny Harris and Brendon is the lead singer and does all the music videos he's also take by a beautiful women but their having problems

Stevie Nicks. Madison square garden in 1977. Stevie has it all, the voice, the art,the poetry, the beauty, the persona.  She is simply amazing.

Stevie singing in Madison Square Garden, 1977 ~ ☆♥❤♥☆ ~ since she signed up with Fleetwood Mac on New Year's Eve, she became the 'face' of the band, and rightly so, as she had it all then and still has it now

Issey Miyake Pre-Fall 2016 #isseymiyake #prefall2016 #fashion

Issey Miyake Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Show

Issey Miyake Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Show, I love the use of colour and fabric manipulation that's been used to create an abstract style.