Red Terror Chiclid

Offering Red Terror Festae cichlids for sale daily. Amphilophus festae cichlids are also popular amongst aquarium hobbyists who enjoy the big cichlids.

Green Terror Chiclid "A. Rivulatus" (Lg. aggressive So. American)

Great color on the fins, almost like glowing embers. One Of the most vivid Green Terrors I have ever seen.

Flower horn fish, a rare variety of ornamental fish

The Flowerhorn Cichlid hybrids were created by wealthy hobbyists by breeding different South American Cichlids.

Colorful South American Cichlids | ... cichlids are a perfect case for two things why cichlids are a niche

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ram cichlids - Bing Images  Beautiful Dwarf Blue Ram Cichlid from South America... different tank then African.

Balloon Ram Cichlid: peaceful fish best kept in planted aquariums with tetras and angels.