1999 - South Park.dirigida por Trey Parker y Matt Stone, que depurarían una línea satírica sobre la vida norteamericana iniciada por Los Simpson

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Kenny McCormick from southpark is a unique character because he doesn't talk he only makes noises, plus you never see his mouth. His attire is always his orange sweatsuit where you can only see his eyes. He is so unique that you remember who is and how he looks with his perfectly circled head but all you see on the character is his eyes.

TIL that Kenny from South Park was actually based on a real child Trey Parker went to school with. Kenny wore an orange parka that made his voice difficult to understand. Trey and the other kids also joked about Kenny dying as Kenny skipped school often.

Hot Topic has a shirt of the goth kids from South Park burning their store…

firkle encounters a suspicious sentient canadian egg” the tiniest south park characters on YOUR dashboard

South Park: DuraSP by Kamaniki

South Park: DuraSP by Kamaniki I know South Park isn't an anime, but ain't gonna let this off so fast