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Kenny, one of the most silent and loved character in South Park 😔 who always died, but then stopped dying cuz the gig was getting old 😁

South Park Anime/Manga Style Fan Art from Japan - Anime/manga Style South Park Fanart   Wendy Testaburger

) beret black_hair coat gachapin_mukku gloves grey_eyes hat kobutamaru long_hair one_eye_closed pink_background simple_background skirt smile south_park wendy_testaburger wink

South Park ~~ Wendy Testaburger.

arms_behind_back beret black_hair brown_eyes hat heart jacket long_hair looking_back purple_eyes scarf solo south_park wendy_testaburger yukiguni_(moaism)

South Park - Stan Marsh x Wendy Testaburger - Stendy

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