Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Name Rocket Space Craft. Did this in my classroom, except the children drew the background instead of using the black construction paper and stars. My students loved this one so much that some of them came back for more!!!

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Name Rocket Space Craft This is a great way for students in Kindergarten to practice spelling their names and learning their shapes too! This is especially cute if you have an outer space-themed classroom.

Space Ship Porthole  - chn to make in creative area and then put in role play area

Summer Curriculum week 2 space quest craft idea---Cute spaceship porthole craft w/ paper plates, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners. Could pre-make some aliens and planets for the little ones, if needed?

Pod Space is a new garden office company - with a rather nice web site - set up by architecturally trained designer Ben Lord. Interestingly, and this is a trend I expect to see more of in 2010, the pods (there are three models) are aimed at employers who want to give their staff the option of working from home as well as individual shedworkers.

Minimalist Eco-Friendly Garden Building design is very minimalist. The building is a square with a garnish of green grass around it

I should not have to hold  a laugh back at 12:34am by reading this

*Whispers* -Voltron has taken over my life- This book is just gonna … Random

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I maybe hated by my fandom after saying this, but I don't ship Remus and Sirius. Just thought this post was funny.