omg... coolest DIY toy ever!  Little man will have one of these no question

Space Crafts & Ideas to Inspire

Didn't actually read this one, but feel like I can just cover everything with tin foil

Space Party

For Zaden: space helmet! Next, cover some liter bottles with tin foil for a space tank and call it Halloween.

April 1965 Bazaar. Richard Avedon was celebrating 20 years with Bazaar and was the Guest Editor and sole photographer. Jean Shrimpton was the cover girl and was featured in the space-themed editorial pages.

Astronaut Manicure, Jean Shrimpton in Space Suit, by Richard Avedon, Harper’s Bazaar April 1965

2001: a space odyssey - 1966-68 suit design Anthony Masters. Discovery EVA suit

Stanley 2001 Space Odyssey Suit concept - by former NASA engineer and advisor to McQuarrie on the movie, Harry Lange.

Soviet and American Space Suits For Sale at This Other-Worldly Auction

Remember The Cant (The Expanse) #2 by medulla9324

Remember The Cant (The Expanse) #2 by medulla9324

astronauta traje naranja - Buscar con Google

Due to the limitations of the partial pressure LES, the Advanced Crew Escape Suit was introduced after This full pressure suit was a direct descendant of the and Gemini spacesuits.

Apollo/Skylab A7L bellows, color. - Wikipedia Apollo space suit convolutes, detail image of the structure beneath the outer garment layer.

After the Apollo 1 fire, NASA cancelled all manned Block I flights and use of…