I made a tent/fort for my birthday :)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Decorate with lights, bed sheet and white gossamer to create a beautiful fort oasis!

@Sarah Kelly-Flynn Cute project for Hannah's possible under the sea birthday

Go Fish: Fishing Crafts, Games, and Treats

CD Fish- Nice art project to accompany the Rainbow Fish book. Great end of the year craft!

A fun way to practice fluency using spelling patterns, quick passages, and dice!

Roll & Read Fluency

A fun and engaging way to practice fluency with phonics, spelling patterns, dice, and quick sentences that use sight words!

Review Game Twisted Sparkle. Seems engaging enough for middle school without getting too wild! (Needs a Nerf basketball set-up, which is cheap...)

As promised in my resolutions, I am starting off the year right with my first 2014 Tuesday Teaching Tip ! Today, I want to s.

Silver Space Alien - Step Up Your Sparkle Game With Glitter Roots - Photos

Silver Space Alien

Math Coach's Corner: Let Your Math Facts "Sparkle"

Let Your Math Facts "Sparkle"

Sparkle Game for skip counting, counting up, counting down, spelling practice, math facts. Math Coach's Corner Let Your Math Facts

Let Your Math Facts "Sparkle"

Let Your Math Facts "Sparkle"

Gorgeous flowers don't have to be complicated. Gypsophila in rustic little   buckets is surprisingly stunning. See this pin on Pinterest

25 genius wedding ideas from Pinterest

Juliet Graham and Richard James held their marquee wedding at Temple Island Meadows on May 2014 Photography: McKinley Rodgers

I'm always looking for new ways to practice sight words and spelling words.  This SPARKLE game is an engaging way to provide extra literacy practice and the kids don't even realize it because they are having FUN!

Sparkle Spelling Game (could play "twisted sparkle", where teacher won't correct mistakes and first kid in the order to notice can correct and get all the kids who missed the mistake before them out!