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Mystras, Sparta, Greece. A UNESCO World Heritage Site #famfinder

Sparta: It was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece, situated on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese. It emerged as a political entity around the century BC. It was a militaristic polis ruled by an oligarchy.

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Marble paved street of Curetes in the ancient town of Ephesus, Turkey. (One of my absolute favorite places I've ever visited - so surreal)

Leonidas statue in Sparta. Sparta was a prominent city-state in Ancient Greece. Given its military pre-eminence, Sparta was recognized as the overall leader of the combined Greek forces during the Greco-Persian Wars. Between 431 and 404 B.C., Sparta was the principal enemy of Athens.

Leonidas statue in Greece. Sparta was a prominent city-state in Ancient Greece. Their entire culture was based around war.!!   No seriously, this is Sparta. Ancient Ruins of Sparta. - Erin

One thing the spartans learned from me was not to mess wit dem "funnyman dem" Ancient Ruins of Sparta

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King Leonidas Statue Sparta Greece, led the Spartan army against superior Persian forces

Sparta, Greece - Best Mountain Region

Sparta is a city in Laconia, on the Peloponnese in Greece. Sparta reached the height of its power in 404 B. after its victory against Athens in the second Peloponnesian war.

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Cyclades Islands, a Greek Island group found just to the southeast of Athens and the mainland of Greece, are the most popular islands among tourists.

Sparta, Greece - Hotel Maniatis

Sparta, Greece - Hotel Maniatis

Platana, Sparti (Sparta), Greece. The village where my dad was raised.

Platana, Sparti (Sparta), Greece. The village where my dad was raised.

Sparta, Greece "You should reach the limits of virtue, before you cross the border of death." '...learn to love death's ink-black shadow as much as you love the light of dawn. ' 'Here is courage, mankind's finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win.' `Some selected lines from the works of the Spartan poet Tyrtaeus.

The Theatre at Ancient Sparta, Peloponnese, Greece

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