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.Spartan Level IV Spartan Body Armor - SAPI Cut-Multi Curve - Set of Two

Spartan Level IV Spartan Body Armor - SAPI Cut-Multi Curve - Set of Two

Constructed from a ceramic inner core and wrapped with a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), making these plates FAR l

A great image of the strength and humility of a true warrior.

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Spright Spartan Workout

Spartan WOD: Try This Full-Body Routine

This Spartan Full Body WOD will definitely work you into a sweat! It takes about 20 minutes and burns 240 calories.

Club Car DS Spartan Body Sets - DS Player by DoubleTake®      Thermoformed from solid colored high impact

Club Car DS – SPARTAN Body Set Solid High-impact ABS/Acrylic plastic High gloss finish Shipped with protective plastic film covering Precut headlights and tail



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Spartan Workout - Spartans took pain and made it their friend. The Spartan workout exercises some major muscle groups to give you the total warrior feeling when you move.