Wow I just learned to read Korean! Great info graphic

Learn To Read Korean In 15 Minutes

It doesn't take long to understand the basic idea of how to read Korean.

Infographic: Feelings and Emotions in Korean Part 2

[K-EDUCATION] LEARN KOREAN Check out the picture below to learn how to say different types of feelings and emotions in Korean. In korean, "yo" is being used if you're having a conversation to the one that is older than you.

Learn how to read Korean! :D

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It’s been more than a week since the last Easy Korean post. Felt that 10 lessons per post might be overwhelming, thus decided to reduce the number of lessons per post to 5. Suitable for weekl…

Korean Language 한국어 – Easy Korean Series 21 to 25

welcome-to-korea: “ Learn Korean : Express Feelings/Emotions ”

#Satoori: How to Speak #Korean Like a Local  #90DayKorean #LearnKoreanFast #KoreanLanguage

#Satoori: How to Speak #Korean Like a Local #90DayKorean #LearnKoreanFast #KoreanLanguage

I'm yoongi whenever my english speaking relatives come in my country.

Well yes but I'm gonna be that person and say not always because yoongi actually kinda tries to use English and I'm only saying this bc his English is good I have yoongi feels leave me alone