Special A/ Love this anime! But I never knew someone could be so dense...

I really like Special A! Kei, Tadashi, Ryuu and Jun's split personality makes the anime and manga perfect!

Which do you think would win in a couple fight A) Special A couple Or B) Maid Sama couple

Kei Takishima de Special A 💛Usui Takumi de kaichou wa maid Sama 💛los mejores💛💛

Special a Anime Kiss | kei and hikari from special a.after they go back like nothing happend isn't that great

Special A, this so AWSOME on the last episode kei kisses hikari in front of Big Ben ahhh so cute

Anime/manga: Special A Characters: Kei and Hikari, that's the reaction I would do.

Anime/manga: Special A Characters: Kei and Hikari, I love his reaction haha

Hikari And Kei (Special A) | Anime Amino

Kei loves Hikari and is willing to do anything for her. He always tries to please Hikari in .

~Special A/ This Anime Was AWESOME! Nuff Said!~

Special A- Hikari and Kei have always been rivals in everything from sports to grades and while Hikari challenges him every chance she gets, Kei harbors a secret love for her.