Giuliani, George A. The Comprehensive Guide to Special Education Law: Over 400 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Every Educator Needs to Know About the Legal Rights of Exceptional Children and Their Parents. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012. Print.

The comprehensive guide to special education law : over 400 frequently asked questions and answers every educator needs to know about the legal rights of exceptional children and their parents. [George A Giuliani]

Find out which three federal laws protect the rights of people with disabilities, which can include people with learning and attention issues.

At a Glance: Which Laws Do What

IDEA, ADA, 504 - Find out which three federal laws protect the rights of people with disabilities, which can include people with learning and attention issues.

Special education resources for parents, educators, and psychologists-amazing resources holy crap!

School Psychologist Files - Special Education Laws - What a parent needs to know about Special Education Laws

What should parents do when services in their child's IEP are not being provided? *pinned by

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Loving Parents Want What's "Best" for Child by Pam and Pete Wright

Special Education Start up kit is filled with informal assessments as well as…

Special Education: assessment and organization Start up kit- bundle

Dyslexia and the Special Education Law

Dyslexia and the Special Education Law: Dyslexia is listed in IDEA as one of the qualifying conditions: Yep, right there under Specific Learning Disability (SLD), check it out for yourself:

Wrightslaw Multimedia Training - Special Education Law & Advocacy Strategies

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Multimedia Training focuses on four areas: special education law; and strategies for effective advocacy.

504 Plan or IEP: What's the difference? This blog compares and contrast the mandates required for both 504 and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designations.

504 Plan or IEP: What's the difference?

What You Need to Know About Special Education Law in the Classroom is an interactive guidebook to special education law that provides basic information that special educators and administrators need t

An essential addition to every teacher's professional library—and an ideal supplementary text for teachers in training—this guidebook will help you adhere to the law as you teach students with disabilities and special health care needs.

Savvy Advocate Mom and More: It's the Law: IEPs, IDEA, Section 504 and Interventions

What is a 504 plan? What's the difference between special education, IDEA, and section

samples & templates for Special Ed letters~ requesting IEP meetings, evaluations, records, etc.

25+ letter templates for special education~requesting evaluations, IEP meetings, records, etc.

Keep this handy-it has dozens of letter samples and templates you can use to send to your school to request special education evals, records, IEP meetings and more.

Know your Disability Law / Special Education Acronyms...

This is just a quick guide of all the acronyms associated with the special education laws. This is beneficial to a school based SLP so she can know the laws by name accurately and not get confused and possibly mess up paperwork.