Do you have a child with special needs? Then you will LOVE the toys in this post. They are all amazing quality and help children achieve their therapy goals through play. From An Everyday Story

10 Awesome Gifts for Children with Special Needs (+5 more)

Great resource to have. It is important to be prepared for any situation and all different patients with all different needs. This list can be helpful to put together a special box of sensory/ special toys helpful for children with special needs

AMPLIFYING your ESL instruction is all about increasing  comprehensible input  for your students. In other words, ELLs learn best when you u...

Amplifying Your Instruction with Hands-On Activities

Special Needs Programs These are some ideas on using objects and hands-on activities while helping ESL learners read. I like the exercise where kids find objects that fit a given descriptive word, which could be a good sensory activity for other special

10 Must Have Items for the Dream Sensory Room Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Looking to create a sensory table for a child with special needs at home or in school? This list of 55 items will make it easy to create the perfect sensory table!

Special Needs Kids Toys & Equipment | Therapy Toys for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder | Transformer Sensory Sack

Transformer Sensory Sack™

Special Needs Kids Toys & Equipment Therapy Toys for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder Transformer Sensory Sack

Twelve Sensory Play Recipes. Get all the directions at:

{Guest Post} Twelve Sensory Play Recipes

Educational toys and games for special needs children

Educational wooden toys for early years to sensory toys for special needs children and gifts for autistic children, and any child with additional needs

Signing puppet and other special needs toys

Bilby Publishing - Special Needs Resources for Early Numeracy, Literacy, Autism and Signed Communication

I have seen a handful of special needs parent questionnaires and they all differ. Some churches have very detailed intake forms that look like something a skilled professional would complete inside...

Special Needs Ministry Intake Forms

I have seen a handful of special needs parent questionnaires and they all differ. Some churches have very detailed intake forms that look like something a skilled professional would complete inside.