Thousands of naked volunteers pose for Spencer Tunick in Mexico City's Zocalo square, on May (Reuters/Henry Romero)


Spencer Tunick Photography

Artist Spencer Tunick creates and documents installations of hundreds or even thousands of nude volunteers at sites around the world.

Desert Spirits in Nevada, shooting from before sunrise “up until the rays shone through the diaphanous fabric”.

Picture of the week: Desert Spirits by Spencer Tunick

Credit: Spencer Tunick Desert Spirits, 2013 C-print mounted between plexi. H: 48 x w: 60 in/h: x w: cm

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Spencer Tunick

The photography project was a peaceful protest against the hateful, anti-woman rhetoric present in the Republican Party.

Barriers 1|Spencer Tunick -  1998. Williamsberg Bridge, NYC.

Barriers 1 (williamsburg Bridge) Nyc by Spencer Tunick on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

Spencer Tunick Urban Sydney 7, 2010 c-print mounted between plexi

Spencer Tunick Urban Sydney 2010 c-print mounted between plexi


Naked volunteers stand on escalators during New York artist Spencer Tunick's "Be Consumed" installation at Selfridge's department store in London, on April© Spencer Tunick

"Individuals en masse", le projet fou du new-yorkais Spencer Tunick

Photographer Spencer Tunick, who explores art in the public sphere, has been staging massive backdrops that star up to tens of thousands of nude volunteers


Naked volunteers stand look toward Aletsch glacier, posing for photographer Spencer Tunick as part of an environmental campaign about global warming on August


artist Spencer Tunick photographs naked volunteers in front of the Sydney Opera House, on March