Si vous cherchez une étagère à épices rustique contenir tous vos pots à épices, puis vous l’avez trouvé. Parce que j’utilise du bois recyclé dans toutes mes créations, c’est plein de caractère de sa vie antérieure. Il n’est pas rare de trouver les différentes coupes de scie, les nœuds et les rainures dans chaque pièce. J’ai embrasser ces caractéristiques et les mettre dans le produit fini. Il s’agit d’une étagère à épices robuste et peut être soit mur monté ou laissé libre debout sur un…

Rustic Spice Rack - Reclaimed Wood - Kitchen Storage - Wood Spice Rack - Handmade - 4 Shelf Reclaimed Wood Spice Rack with Steel Rebar

Spice Jars

20 Things to Do With All Those Leftover Glass Baby Food Jars

spices in a drawer- with baby food jars and chalkboard paint! I have the drawer, spices and chalkboard paint, but no baby food jars.

Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars

10 Easy Glass Etching Tutorials For Beginners

Glass etching can add an artistic touch to regular glassware and make it look fancy. Whether it& a drink glass, a vase or even a door, glass etching can turn anything glass into a piece of art easily. You only need your imagination and an itching cream.

Neutrals instead of the jewel tones I've seen..I've done this to so many jars it's becoming a hoarding issue lol. .but hey, I'm recycling them & making them prettier too!! Now all my raw herbs, resins, and everything else will have a nice pretty jar to live in :-)

color tinted glass jars -- Mix Mod Podge, water and food coloring in a small bowl. If you are doing just one small jar, about 1 TBSP of mod podge with a little less than TBSP of water is a good mix.

DIY Organizing Ideas for Kitchen - Pantry Organization For The New Year - Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized - Dollar Tree Crafts, Space Saving Ideas - Pantry, Spice Rack, Drawers and Shelving - Home Decor Projects for Men and Women

40 Cool DIY Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized

The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill: Farmhouse Kitchen Phase 2 ~ DIY Pantry w/ Antique Screen Door

Spice storage The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill: Farmhouse Kitchen Phase 2 ~ DIY Pantry w/ Antique Screen Door

idea for a pantry

Emersonmade's kitchen organization- I did this with salvaged stair-tread lumber (perfect size for 1 jar deep hallway pantry when there's no place for food storage in your kitchen)

You can get this spice rack ANYWHERE! might be nicer than throwing your spices in a cupboard and taking everything out to find one spice.

20 Spice Rack Ideas for Both Roomy and Cramped Kitchen

For Strange Women: DIY Spice Jar Labels - A free download to transform your kitchen

DIY Spice Jar Labels~~over 90 ancient labels for spice & botanical herb jars to spice up your kitchen ~ for free! In kitchen