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Revision techniques: creating a spider diagram offers you a birds eye view of the subject matter at hand

Spider diagrams: how and why they work

Spider Diagram

Spider diagrams are mainly used for planning (eg an article or story) or creating and provoking ideas. Spider diagrams are not the same thing as mind maps but they can be just as useful.

Spider Diagram Template 1 ( Spider Diagram) | Creately

Spider diagram template to plan your ideas easily

Spider diagram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spider diagram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nocturnal Animals: Bats! Craft Activity - Perfect for October! Exploring negative space in an image.

Your Daily Batty Dose: Craft Edition! Create a night sky with this splatter bat project (be careful, this might get a little messy) Instructions below the cut. Submit your finished projects to if you’d like :) [[MORE]]Materials:

A-level science revision spider diagram - Mechanics

A-level science revision spider diagram - Mechanics Science Revision Tips for GCSE and A-level Students from a Cambridge Graduate

Learn English vocabulary with Mind maps' or 'Spider diagrams.'   These work really well if you have a visual mind.   Write the subject in the middle of the page (for example, 'food') and draw lines coming out from it, like a spider.   At the end of each line, write a word connected to the subject (for example, 'fruit').   You can draw more lines from these words, leading to words that are connected to them, so in this case this you could write 'banana, apple,' etc.   If you add color or…

Methods for Learning English Vocabulary. What can you do to improve your chances of remembering English vocabulary?