Spider Gwen

Marvel has given our first peek at the Phoenix variant covers coming in December to celebrate the release of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey.

Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen Swing Into Action in SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 - Comic Vine

Spider-Women Alpha No. 1 Cover Featuring Silk, Spider Woman, Spider-Gwen Marvel Comics Poster - 30 x 46 cm

Since Spider Gwen was introduced into the spiderverse, I've been a big fan  of her costume design. It's just so damn cool. I came across this fabulous  cartoonish fan illustration of the character, which was created by Julio  Cesar.  If Sony Pictures ever wants to make a Spider Gwen film, I'd be all for it!  They should at least consider doing it as an animated movie, even if it was  straight to DVD. That's what Warner Bros. has been doing successfully for  years. Would you be interested in…

Spider Gwen Fan Art by Julio Cesar