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ThanksSorry I cant make it to work tomorrow because I broke my vagina in spin class.

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"I Love Lucy" ~ Lucy and Ethel (Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance).

LOL. This is accurate!! @jessica you this morning??

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That's why I teach. They're all my jams!!

I Hate Sandcastles or Success Kid is a reaction image of a baby at a beach with a smug facial expression. He is used to express frustration or success.


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Yes, I have reached this level: no longer feels like someone punched my V with a rock! #success ^_^ thanks Marissa

Free and Funny Congratulations Ecard: Congratulations on completing enough spinning classes to not have a sore vagina anymore.

How I feel when I walk out of spin class

The unofficial start to the summer has begun and tomorrow investing in yourself for a short 45 mins will make you feel like this :)

The most instant result oriented form of therapy

Good for the mind, body and soul. One of the best HIIT (high intensity interval training) there is!