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Flexi rods are the perfect heatless curling method used on weaves and wigs to create Beautiful, bouncy curls hairstyle, without damaging your hair

The Ultimate Curl Defined Perm Rod Set Style IG:@thelovelygrace  #naturalhairmag #naturalhair

Perm Rods on Natural Hair

Perm Rods on Natural Hair demonstrates how to make defined spiral curls using pink perm rods. Try this style on medium to long length natural hair.

perm rod set on short hair

12 Bomb Perm Rod Set Hairstyle Pictorials and Photos

perm rod set on shPerm rods even work on shorter hair lengths. Use them for defined curl definition.

How to Roll Flexi Rods on Natural Hair - YouTube

In this video, I show you how to roll flexi rods to achieve a certain curl pattern. The first technique gives you a spiral curl, where as the second and thir.