What is your spirit animal? Mine is Grey Wolf - 9GAG

What is your spirit animal? Mine is Grey Wolf

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the-clockmakers-daughter: - divine illustration ?name of illustrator (comment from previous pinner, I do not know name of illustrator, but when I looked at it I thought of a young red riding hood, who was always one with the wolf)

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The artwork for my custom wolf tattoo done by Age Grech from Sydney. I've known the wolf was my Spirit animal since I was 17 and despite having 4 other tattoos since then, the right artist for this one didn't come along til now. My love of Native American beliefs saw the dream catcher incorporated and the 3 feathers are for myself and my 2 special souls, my sons.

I always have loved motorcycles and I only ride Harley, so I got this tattoo to honor my favorite pass time.