Soot sprites in a bottle necklace, Spirited away geek necklace, anime necklace, anime jewelry

6 soot sprites & str cookies from Spirited Away in a & corked bottle necklace with chain/cord

Spirited Away - Yes, Chihiro’s a kid. She’s used to a world in which her rights and privileges are determined by her parents, who are obligated to keep her healthy and happy. She enjoys this status by virtue of being born. But in the wider world—and this is what makes it so scary—one creates one’s own identity. For the middle-class, anyway, one has to earn one’s pride of place. At the bathhouse it’s the same. Who you were, when you were a kid, doesn’t count for zip.

Never saw this movie until I took an animation class. Would have NEVER watched it otherwise, but SO glad I did. - Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, 2001 was the first Japanese anime film to win an Academy Award.

Spirited Away, Haku necklace.

As promised, a Haku style paintjob for my new eastern dragon sculpt [ resin cast from original clay sculpt by me, hand painted with acrylics ] [ sorry, I don& make or sell jewellery any more ]

Favorite Animated Feature: Spirited Away... directed by Hayao Miyazaki, it is one of the most beautiful movies and an amazing story

Spirited Away (2001)

Top Ten Japanese Animation Movies of All Time: Spirited Away, written and directed by the great Hayao Miyazaki, was the first anime to win an Academy Award. It was released by Studio Ghibli, Inc., which was co-founded by Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

chihiro Spirited away pixel art - buy it on  Pourquoi ce film est autant reprs en pixel art sur Pinterest ? Le japon est un mystère.

Anime: 'Spirited away' Pixel Art Nice! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ To the Artist - Respect

Kohaku by Yaphleen                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

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Beautiful Studio Ghibli Tribute Illustrations By Yaphleen. I absolutely love Studio Ghibli movies

“Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し” by Kazuo Oga - Background Art | © Studio Ghibli*  • Blog/Website | ( ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( & • Love Character Design? Join the Character Design Challenge (link→ Share your unique vision of a theme every month, promote your art  in a community of over 25.000 artists! || ★

As if you don’t already know… The great masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki. Spirited Away. Created by Studio Ghibli. Spirited Away[DVD]