And I heard Him whisper "you love me with all your heart" that is why I prosper you. Don't be worried"- Pray.

Although each attack just makes me stronger! Plus Jesus and I have had some good bonding moments cause He had it His entire ministry and He was sinless! Also just adding crowns to my heavenly home lol!

The things you can't see quotes god life money truth faith enemy spiritual battle stuff attacks

Just talked about this in bible study--The things you can't see quotes god life money truth faith enemy spiritual battle stuff attacks

Yes, you have failed. But we all fail sometimes. It's a spiritual warfare, our real enemy is not made of flesh and blood. The father of all lies will try everything to keep us out of the good fight. What are the keys to success in spiritual warfare?

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Be a light in a dark world. ~Ephesians 5:8 || I used to be afraid of the dark, until I learned that I AM A LIGHT and the dark is afraid of me.

I use to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am a light, and the dark is afraid of me! "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light!

Pray! Sing praises, read scripture outloud-it helps...

5 Ways To Overcome A Spiritual Attack: Pray, Speak & Believe Turth, Choose Not To Fear, Let Go Of Control, Watch God Work

Women Warriors - important to the Battle and the Kingdom of Light

Satan attacks prayer warriors the hardest! Women as Prayer Warriors.putting on the "whole armor of God" / Ephesians / Truth . The Gospel of Peace . shield of Faith . helmet of Salavation . sword of the Holy Spirit (the Word of God).

In the Name Of JESUS AMEN..... Warfare prayers - BLOOD OF something to really think about

What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

Warfare prayers - BLOOD OF JESUS: This is surely felt when you read it! Something to read everyday to hold you up on high with Jesus! This would be great to put on fridge for all to see☺️🙏🏼

Spiritual Warfare Series:  Recognize the signs when you are in spiritual warfare.  Prepare for the battle. #spiritualwarfare #milkandhoneyfaith

Spiritual Warfare Series Pt 1: When You Are Under Spiritual Attack

images of spititual warfare prayers - Yahoo Search Results

Spiritual Warfare Bondage Breaking Prayer I put me,my,& mine in the blanks! (It's quite alright to pray for yourself❤️)


Frustrated, tired, feel like quitting? It may be a spiritual attack. Recognize the enemy's tactics and break free with these keys.

I rebuke cancel & destroy every assignment & attack of the enemy & cancel every curse or negative word ever spoken over my life in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!  Amen, Amen & Amen!

And this is how the christians are saying in their belief in God, Jesus, Satan, angels and demons etc.