F**k logic, that's why.

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If SpongeBob SquarePants Had Instagram

If SpongeBob SquarePants Had Instagram

I took a screen shot of an episode of spongebob. I do not own any of the rights to Spongebob. Patrick and Glovey Glove

Spongebob Logic. The people tht made this must have been high af

Spongebob Logic // Suspension of Disbelieve<<This is why my dad didn't want me watching Spongebob. Also, Sandy was playing a saxophone, not a trumpet.

19 Hilarious "SpongeBob" Memes That Are Never Not Funny

Just A Bunch Of Really Good "SpongeBob" Memes

19 Hilarious SpongeBob Memes That Are Never Not Funny - Funni Pic - Funny Pictures - Humour

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and is relatable AF? SpongeBob SquarePants!!!

22 Way Too Real Situations That Are Best Explained By “SpongeBob” Memes

I'm takin' this horse by the reigns leaving red coats redder with blood stains LAFAYETTE! And I'm never gonna stop until I make 'em drop, I burn 'em up and scatter the remains I'm-